was the go-to home of international surfing news. We delivered two projects for over the past three years.

//Project One
In 2012 we were commissioned to breath life back into an effectively broken web site. The client needed an agency to rebuild a badly-maintained Classic ASP site, and we set to work migrating the site to use class-based PHP and SQL Server. We continued with Microsoft technology as the site was already using SQL Server, albeit with some poorly design databases. We redesigned the data structure, and then built a stored-procedure based site using PHP as the base scripting technology. We gave the site a visual refresh and tidied up the loose ends while we were there.

We also configured the email newsletter which was broadcast to seventy thousand subscribers, each day.

The site was then acquired by Xtreme Media, who commissioned us to begin a new branding and development project.

//Project Two
The brief was to create a site which could expand into other network sites based in action sports.

We produced a twenty-page style guide, a new Drupal-based content management system, mobile apps and complete new look and feel.

We also integrated OpenX for delivery advertising inventory.

Surfing news desktop site

The new site took advantage of Varnish for speed and we also rolled-out apps for iPhone and Android.

Surfing news app design